How I do it

I first showed an interest in alternative dispute resolution in 2001, aware of the fact that the best order (more efficient and easily complied with) is the one tailored made by the parties themselves with their advisors. At BWG law firm I drafted with Beatrice Weiss-Gout precedents for family protocols which set the conditions of the breakdown and the organisation of the children’s life. The document is then stamped by the Court.

In England I am a member of Resolution. Members conduct matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way. The association emphasises a constructive attitude to family problems and encourages solutions that take into consideration the needs of the whole family and the best interest of any children. It promotes an approach to family law that is sensitive, constructive, cost effective and most likely to result in an agreement.

I am trained as a collaborative lawyer. Collaborative law is another alternative to litigation in court. Each party is assisted by his/her solicitor in face to face meetings and commits to work out a global agreement to solve family issues.

I am also trained as a mediator. I act in an even-handed way. I am independant. The parties have a confidential forum to explore options for their issues. It is a voluntary process.

I intend to work in a non-confrontational way but there are some situations in which a court action might be urgently required or situations in which a consensual approach is inappropriate (domestic violence, child abduction…).